Going with the FLOW

There is a universal energy surrounding each and every one of us. Your guides, masters and angels including your soul work tirelessly in support of your destiny, your FLOW. They are busy creating messages to you in the form of doors of opportunity to follow that FLOW. You will find synchronistic events that go against all odds and statistical analysis to the point you are absolutely sure of comprehending the message in its entirety. Numbers, music the arts can also play a role in this divine communication. You do not need a special talent or a gift, you just need to be aware. Once aware it is like an open line of communication to the divine.

FREE WILL does exist and sometimes you may find the FLOW difficult and not without some sacrifice. Keep in mind that the more difficult it may be, the more important it may be. Keep in mind when in the FLOW everything falls into place and you receive exactly what you need. When your choice takes you in another direction, one your ego selects the divine energies will respect your choice but maybe not support that choice in the hope that you return to tour FLOW.

Your SOUL for instance wants you to follow your destiny (your FLOW) because that destiny intrinsically provides all the lessons and opportunities he or she signed up for before adopting your physical body as it’s vessel for this lifetime. Your choices will also determine what remains unfinished and will require that your soul reincarnate in another vessel only to repeat those lessons and opportunities to a successful conclusion in the next life.

The FLOW requires complete faith. When this is achieved a life without worry is your future. Let go, let FLOW. Release the ego, release the self and embrace the wonders of the universe in its entirety.

Blessings dear ones, may you find your FLOW!!!!!!

Anthony Barr Sacred Sevens

Self Healing for the Ascension

Light Workers are beings whose job it is to encompass Mother Earth and maintain light (love) energy. These people are spiritual by nature and involved in spiritual work, energy and healing. They are usually aware of their path towards planetary energy and healing. The fact is we are all involved. You may not be one of these people but your energy created from your actions also supports the ascension. 7 000 000 000 people walking in kindness, benevolence and unconditional love regardless of their spiritual or religious persuasion has a tremendous contribution towards the ascension. Please be conscious of your thoughts and actions. Learn to unconditionally love yourself first. Realize that as a human being you are merely perfect in your imperfections. Be forgiving of yourself and realize you have power and energy to illuminate those around you. It is once you learn to unconditionally love yourself that powerful energy can then be unleashed. May your actions be the catalyst for the New Earth. Start each day with a promise to touch someone in a very special way. Simply making people feel good about themselves is a start. Random acts of kindness do wonders. Think it. imagine it and be it.

Ireland video surpasses 8000 views on FB !

Our video from the most recent sacred journey to Ireland has just surpassed 8000 views ! Thank you to all who watched, posted and shared.

Here is Anthony playing the Goddess Flute at Ballymacdermot Court Tomb in Ireland, in March 2016: