“Sacred Seven Directions” Seven tracks recorded with seven different Native American flutes. Each track features a single flute only.
“Ancient Journeys” A 33.33 min sonic meditation track in the ancient tradition of spiritual inner journeys. The track features several flutes, drums, bird calls, voices, and many sound effects that create a rich and effortless meditation experience.

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Anthony’s music delivers a rich and an effortless experience of meditation, relaxation and sonic healing.

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Watch a sample of “Ancient Journeys”

Here are a few tracks from “Sacred Seven Directions”:

“Father Sky”

“The North”

“The South”

Multi-layer, multi-instrumental sonic meditation track in the ancient tradition of spiritual inner journeys. For millennia, in many tribes, cultures, on many continents we gathered around the fire to drum, sing, play instruments and connect with the Divine. This sonic meditation takes us into that place of deeper connection, higher consciousness and intuitive sight. Multiple layers of sound, instruments, bird calls and voices invite us on a special journey. It is a journey of discovery, journey to self, journey back to the circle of connectedness with others, the Universe and the Divine. It is a brand new journey, which at the same time, is as ancient as the world itself.
Flute music inspired by spirituality of different cultures and traditions, intuitively created and organically blended into an uplifting sonic mix. The Sacred Seven Directions was inspired by the prayer used in many different cultures during ancient traditional ceremonies. The tracks carry several layers and nuances. Each direction is honoured by a different flute. The Native American flutes used here deliver each a very specific vibration. Each flute is unique and each track was recorded with one instrument ONLY. The sounds of birds, whales and wolves were made by the flutes alone and were not added in the process.