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✻Sonic Meditation & Exploration of Sacred Ceremonial Plants of the World✻

In this workshop, we will explore some of the sacred, non-psychoactive, plants of the world (focus on the traditions from the Americas and Europe), used in ceremony, ritual, cleansing, healing and prayer. We will discuss the plants, their attributes, traditional uses and connect to their sacred essence by using oils and fresh plants. We will further explore this connection with a sonic meditation to a live music of different traditional North American flutes, drums and sound makers. The flutes will enhance your journey and offer you an effortless meditation experience.

“Plants of Power” will help you learn, understand and connect with these special plants on a vibrational and energetic level, as well as show you how to use their sacred properties for personal transformation, awakening, cleansing, healing and reconnecting with Mother Earth and all her gifts.



The Magic of Sevens ⑦ – Sonic Healing Journey✬✲✾

In this time of global awakening, re-discovery of sacred geometry, sound and vibrational healing, join us on a personal journey of healing, release, cleansing and recharging using the magic of SEVENS ⑦.
We will smudge, say a 7 Directions Prayer and then travel with Source-inspired music of 7 different traditional North American flutes in 7 different musical keys. We will journey through 7 chakras, work with 7 emotional blocks and vibrationally change them into 7 power-loaded positive vibrations that will help you heal, manifest,  and awaken you to the path of your highest potential.
We will relax, reconnect with the Source, meditate, listen, share the insights and  messages, and then increase the energies even more with drumming and 7 ancient healing  songs, crystals and candles.


Spirit Panther


We do not travel on the Earthly plane alone. Our spiritual team from the Other Side comprises many, animals included. Our spirit animals guide us, protect us, teach us lessons and share with us their sacred attributes.

In this workshop, we will smudge, set the space with Seven Directions prayer and go on a vibrational journey with traditional North American flutes to meet our spirit animals. The flutes will enhance the journey, let you go deeper, feel more and will be your sonic witness in this very special encounter. After the sonic meditation, we will share stories, messages and discuss the attributes of some of the animal totems.



This workshop series is based on the sacredness of the flute music. It is an invitation to connect with your flute at the Soul level.

You will learn how to play the traditional North American flute by closing your eyes and connecting with the divine energies, letting go of control and ego and simply by breathing the sacred breath into the flute. The music you will play is like a prayer. It will be played in that moment and may never be played the same way again. This music you play WILL change the vibration of the space around you. Playing is a wonderful form of meditation. When you play without thought, you simply play from your heart and therefore from the Source.

You will not learn music, you will be creating your own music.
You will be taught the sacredness and the history of the flute.



In this workshop we will focus on introducing the Sacred in small and big ways into your everyday life. We will talk about ceremonies, sacred music, everyday rituals and objects that will charge you, connect you and keep you vibrating the right way throughout your busy day but also offer you grounding and protection. Then we will put all of that into practice when we smudge, say a 7 Directions Prayer and do a guided sonic meditation with 7 different traditional North American flutes in 7 different musical keys to cleanse and recharge your 7 chakras. At the end, we will share insights and messages and then increase the energies even more with drumming, some healing songs, crystals and candles.


Thank you Anthony Barr – a truly transformational experience. I am still processes all the words and will harvest them soon and share the resulting poetry. You are a gift to us all <3. Would very much love to attend another one of these amazing sessions again.

“Thank you so much, Anthony, for your insight, empathy, and spiritualism. May “the force” be with you. Looking forward to attending more of your illuminating workshops. Light definitely overshadows the dark. Love and peace”

“Last night’s event was beautiful. Thank you Anthony for giving us all such a magical journey. Personally, my realignment was needed and my journey with the Angelic and Elemental realms had been calling me. Our group energy was amazing and your flutes of all the chakras were beautiful. Blessings to you and everyone that shared this beautiful journey.”

“I so enjoyed the evening, the flutes, the knowledge freely shared and the laughs! I felt so peaceful, meditating to the wonderful sounds of the flutes! Had the best sleep last night!!!”

“Last night was a very magical fulfilling evening. There was so much love, sharing, peace and joy. Thank you so much to S. for hosting and to you Anthony Barr for facilitating such a beautiful magical night. Your flute playing for all the chakras was amazing and I know it touched every one of us and every part of our bodies and offered the reconnection that we all need with ourselves and with source. Blessings to everyone !”

“Thank you Anthony Barr for such an amazing evening. I always feel so much better when I am blessed to spend sometime with you and your flutes. Thanks for sharing your gift.”

“Awesome, awesome, awesome!! Thank you to S. for hosting and to Anthony Barr for sharing his wonderful gift with all of us.”

“Come and experience the magic of this amazing spiritual teacher and gifted flute player.”

“Wow, what an amazing class ! So honored to have Anthony Barr gift us with the sounds of his magical seven chakra flutes. It was amazing and very profound. Thank you Anthony Barr and all those who attended.  Gratitude.”

“Thank you Anthony for the things you’ve shared. I appreciate it and I appreciate you your wisdom your knowledge and your kindness.”

“Shining the light…BEing the Light. Thank you Anthony Barr for sharing from YOUR heart to OUR hearts .”

“Don’t miss this wonderful workshop with music, ceremony and powerful learning. If you’ve attended one of Anthony‘s workshops, you know what a great experience you can expect.”

I had the most amazing traditional American flute workshop with Anthony Barr, a loving light worker healing the planet. My heart is still expanding from last night .”

“Plants of Power! Wonderful workshop today with Anthony Barr. Lots of new teaching about ceremonial plants and resins and wonderful journeying with native flute music.”

“I can’t get enough of this music ! I’ve activated chakras I didn’t know I had Much gratitude for this beautiful healer.”

“I will cherish this music that comes from a generous and open heart. Thank you for honouring the Earth and its people, for creating community, and offering up high vibration and love to all. We are blessed.

“Each of the seven traditional Flutes is aligned with a chakra. Anthony will play each flute from his heart to yours in the sacredness of the circle…organic each time he does it. As he plays, he takes us on a divinely guided journey filled with harmony and sacredness …. A Sacred Seven Circle of Sacred Geometry.”

“Thank you Anthony Barr for taking everyone who participated on a soulful journey of heartfelt flute playing.”

“One wonderful and magical night with Anthony Barr, my great master and teacher. “Namaste”

“Anthony Barr is a treasure ! Here is your opportunity to learn to make music or add a new instrument to your life.

“Anthony’s energy is amazing, his flute songs are spiritual and healing. I am so happy I took lessons with him and now enjoy the sacred sound of my own beautiful flute. It truly feels like a meditation of a prayer when I play the notes that come from my heart.”