Respecting many ancient traditions, we perform healing ceremonies and outdoor sacred circles. Ceremonies start with prayers, drumming and singing around a sacred fire.

Make the world a better place through global sacred ceremonies and awakening the light in each and everyone of us. We are all Light Workers, we are all Healers.


The Seven Directions
The Seven Grandfathers
The Seven Sacred Fires and the lighting of the Eighth fire in 2012
The Seven Songs and teachings of the Nawal Eagle Clan
The Seven Colours of the Rainbow and the Teachings of the Rainbow Warriors
The Sacred Seven Chakras and colours identical to the rainbow. Open up each one to become the Rainbow Warrior
The Sacred Seven Emotions

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 Anthony never ceases to amaze me with his energy, creativity, dedication, love and generosity of spirit. Thank you for this group and for the ceremonies : ) 

 To enrich their lives and learn the teachings of our wonderful leader Anthony Barr who does a great job facilitating. He is a blessing to all of us. 

 Beautiful sharing and connecting to Native teachings to be experienced through Anthony’s depth of knowledge, presence and guidance ? 

 A wonderful experience. A safe place to share, learn and be at peace. A very caring group of people. Anthony (and everyone) is very welcoming and makes you feel comfortable. He is extremely knowledgeable. I will definitely attend as many events as possible ? 

 Always a great teaching. Great to connect with such a positive group. 

 Awesome energy of the people and the circle. Appreciate the sacredness and reverence I always feel when I attend. 

 Absolutely fantastic! 

 We were late and yet were welcomed with such sincerity. I highly recommend this group to anyone looking for a feeling of coming home. 

 What a fantastic group, proud to be a member.I think it’s a great way to ground and connect ones energy.To re-connect to the 7 directions. 

 I felt on top of the world afterwards. I really like the circle, where you can see everyone, there is a real connection that happens that is so comfortable. This was my second Sacred Sevens Healing Circle and I know what I am feeling now will last for weeks. 

 Very educational, and spiritual. 

 You will meet wondeful people, learn more about Native culture and hear teachings handled down through generations. 

Spirits last night thanks Anthony Barr great ceremony

Thank you Anthony for the things you’ve shared. I appreciate it and I appreciate you your wisdom your knowledge and your kindness.

Anthony Barr working his magic on the Hunter’s Moon

This was such a wonderful evening.. I woke up this morning still basking in the full moon energy and feeling the love of the circle of one.. Many blessings to Anthony Barr

I will cherish this music that comes from a generous and open heart. Thank you for honouring the earth and its people, for creating community, and offering up high vibration and love to all. We are blessed.