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Self Healing for the Ascension

Light Workers are beings whose job it is to encompass Mother Earth and maintain light (love) energy. These people are spiritual by nature and involved in spiritual work, energy and healing. They are usually aware of their path towards planetary energy and healing. The fact is we are all involved. You may not be one of these people but your energy created from your actions also supports the ascension. 7 000 000 000 people walking in kindness,. benevolence and unconditional love regardless of their spiritual or religious persuasion has a tremendous contribution towards the ascension. Please be conscious of your thoughts and actions. Learn to unconditionally love yourself first. Realize that as a human being you are merely perfect in your imperfections. Be forgiving of yourself and realize you have power and energy to illuminate those around you. It is once you learn to unconditionally love yourself that powerful energy can then be given freely. May your actions be the catalyst for the New Earth. Start each day with a promise to touch someone in a very special way. Simply making people feel good about themselves is a start. Random acts of kindness do wonders. Think it. imagine it and be it.