About Us


Anthony Barr is a spiritual teacher, a geomancer, a healer, a joyful ceremonialist, and a gifted Native flute player  who aids in the connection of the soul and the Spirit. He calls on his Native American teachings and Spirit to perform centuries-old spiritual ceremonies, and has conducted over 250 of them so far.
Anthony spent 4 years studying with an Ojibway medicine man from the Garden River Indian Reserve in Sault St. Marie, in northern Ontario. Anthony combines his Native American teachings with spirit guidance, serendipitous interventions and angelic energies.


Follow Anthony on his 2017 geomancing and flute playing journeys to different sacred sites in Turkey, France, Norway, Iceland and soon Italy and Greece. Check his Facebook page for updates and live events or check SACRED TRAVELS section for pictures and videos.


❀ MAHALO ❀ (thank you) to all of you who followed and supported us on the most recent Hawaiian geomancing journey. Many of you sent your healing energies to the places where we performed ceremonies, offered crystals and played music. We all strengthened the energetic lines of Mother Earth and made it a better place. Thank you ✿
But there are many more places that need healing energies, many more sacred sites that need to be awakened. Anthony’s geomancing journey will continue, so please follow us on Facebook. We will be asking you once in a while to join us, wherever you may be, in sending prayers and energy to our planet throughout her vibrational/energetic veins. This is one one of the reasons why we are all here ♡
In the meantime, please let us share the beauty and energy of Hawaii with this visual compilation of our last geomancing journey. Aloha ❀